Square Hollow Sections

Welcome to our square hollow steel sections free CAD downloads page! Here you'll find a complete set of square hollow steel shapes currently manufactured and supplied in Southern Africa. Sort the table below according to any property and select a CAD file to download using the reference links in the left-most column.

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Section Reference Mass per Metre Depth and Width of Section Thickness
(Click on link to download) kg/m h=b
SHS 25x25x2.01.48252.0
SHS 25x25x2.51.82252.5
SHS 25x25x3.02.15253.0
SHS 32x32x2.52.31322.5
SHS 32x32x3.02.74323.0
SHS 38x38x2.02.29382.0
SHS 38x38x3.03.36383.0
SHS 38x38x3.53.88383.5
SHS 50x50x2.53.76502.5
SHS 50x50x3.04.48503.0
SHS 50x50x3.55.18503.5
SHS 50x50x4.05.87504.0
SHS 50x50x4.56.55504.5
SHS 60x60x2.54.54602.5
SHS 60x60x3.05.42603.0
SHS 60x60x3.56.28603.5
SHS 60x60x4.07.12604.0
SHS 60x60x4.57.96604.5
SHS 75x75x2.55.70752.5
SHS 75x75x3.06.81753.0
SHS 75x75x3.57.90753.5
SHS 75x75x4.08.98754.0
SHS 75x75x4.510.04754.5
SHS 75x75x5.011.10755.0
SHS 75x75x6.013.17756.0
SHS 80x80x3.07.29803.0
SHS 80x80x3.58.47803.5
SHS 80x80x4.09.63804.0
SHS 80x80x4.510.78804.5
SHS 80x80x5.011.91805.0
SHS 80x80x6.014.15806.0
SHS 100x100x2.57.681002.5
SHS 100x100x3.09.171003.0
SHS 100x100x3.510.661003.5
SHS 100x100x4.012.131004.0
SHS 100x100x4.513.591004.5
SHS 100x100x5.015.041005.0
SHS 100x100x6.017.901006.0
SHS 120x120x3.011.051203.0
SHS 120x120x3.512.851203.5
SHS 120x120x4.014.641204.0
SHS 120x120x4.516.411204.5
SHS 120x120x5.018.181205.0
SHS 120x120x6.021.661206.0
SHS 150x150x4.018.401504.0
SHS 150x150x4.520.641504.5
SHS 150x150x6.027.301506.0
SHS 150x150x8.036.011508.0
SHS 150x150x10.044.5115010.0
SHS 175x175x4.021.221754.0
SHS 175x175x4.523.821754.5
SHS 175x175x6.031.531756.0
SHS 175x175x8.041.651758.0
SHS 175x175x10.051.5717510.0
SHS 195x195x6.035.221956.0
SHS 195x195x8.046.561958.0
SHS 195x195x10.057.7119510.0
SHS 200x200x6.035.822006.0
SHS 200x200x8.046.512008.0
SHS 200x200x10.056.9620010.0
SHS 220x220x6.039.512206.0
SHS 220x220x8.052.282208.0
SHS 220x220x10.064.8622010.0
SHS 250x250x6.045.242506.0
SHS 250x250x8.059.07250.008.0
SHS 250x250x10.072.66250.0010.0
SHS 260x260x6.047.04260.006.0
SHS 260x260x8.062.32260.008.0
SHS 260x260x10.077.41260.0010.0
SHS 285x285x8.068.58285.008.0
SHS 285x285x10.085.23285.0010.0