Angles (Equal Leg)

Welcome to our hot rolled steel angle sections (equal leg) free CAD downloads page! Here you'll find a complete set of hot rolled angle shapes currently manufactured and supplied in Southern Africa. Sort the table below according to any property and select a CAD file to download using the reference links in the left-most column.

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Section Reference Mass per Metre Leg Dimension Thickness Root Radius Toe Radius
(Click on link to download) kg/m h=b
HR-L 25x25x31.112533.52.0
HR-L 25x25x51.772553.52.0
HR-L 30x30x31.363035.02.5
HR-L 30x30x52.183055.02.5
HR-L 40x40x31.874036.03.0
HR-L 40x40x42.424046.03.0
HR-L 40x40x52.974056.03.0
HR-L 40x40x63.524066.03.0
HR-L 45x45x32.134537.03.0
HR-L 45x45x42.744547.03.5
HR-L 45x45x53.384557.03.5
HR-L 45x45x64.004567.03.5
HR-L 50x50x32.375037.03.0
HR-L 50x50x43.065047.03.5
HR-L 50x50x53.775057.03.5
HR-L 50x50x64.475067.03.5
HR-L 50x50x85.825087.03.5
HR-L 60x60x43.706048.04.0
HR-L 60x60x54.576058.04.0
HR-L 60x60x65.426068.04.0
HR-L 60x60x87.096088.04.0
HR-L 60x60x108.6960108.04.0
HR-L 70x70x66.387069.04.5
HR-L 70x70x88.367089.04.5
HR-L 70x70x1010.3070109.04.5
HR-L 80x80x67.3480610.05.0
HR-L 80x80x89.6380810.05.0
HR-L 80x80x1011.90801010.05.0
HR-L 80x80x1214.00801210.05.0
HR-L 90x90x68.3090611.05.5
HR-L 90x90x810.9090811.05.5
HR-L 90x90x1013.40901011.05.5
HR-L 90x90x1215.90901211.05.5
HR-L 100x100x812.20100812.06.0
HR-L 100x100x1015.001001012.06.0
HR-L 100x100x1217.801001212.06.0
HR-L 100x100x1521.901001512.06.0
HR-L 120x120x814.70120813.06.5
HR-L 120x120x1018.201201013.06.5
HR-L 120x120x1221.601201213.06.5
HR-L 120x120x1526.601201513.06.5
HR-L 150x150x1023.001501016.08.0
HR-L 150x150x1227.301501216.08.0
HR-L 150x150x1533.801501516.08.0
HR-L 150x150x1840.101501816.08.0
HR-L 200x200x1648.502001618.09.0
HR-L 200x200x1854.202001818.09.0
HR-L 200x200x2059.902002018.09.0
HR-L 200x200x2471.102002418.09.0